"You eat too much because you don't eat the right Food!"

Nutrimor is a Moringa fortified pre-cooked food containing more than 90 micronutrients that replenish the body's nutrient status at a rapid rate.

The formula, created by Moringa World Ecopreneurs, is focused on addressing “hidden hunger” – micronutrient deficiencies. In formulating Nutrimor we became aware of the need for a food product that could deliver nutrients that could be easily biologically absorbed by the body.

Due to either the results of poverty or the ravages of our modern-day agricultural systems focused only on “volume yield" and western diets of processed foods, our food chain has become “compromised” and depleted in essential micronutrients. The outcomes are unsustainable development and social and health challenges that not even the USA can afford. Starvation, wasting, obesity, lack of productivity, health challenges, learning and emotional difficulties are just a few of the issues linked to malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency.

You may be aware of the term “expensive urine” - the mix of added “chemical” supplements that are not biologically absorbed and are therefore filtered and liberated out of the body.

Nutrimor's moringa nutrients are in a form that can be better biologically absorbed in the body. The important issue is not just what is declared on the label – more important is - what gets absorbed biologically. This becomes an important issue when some chemical isolate nutrients have a biological absorption to the body of less than 2%. Nutrimor is a nutrient-dense food that is easily reconstituted by adding water.

For those in the medical or research side - details of the scientific investigations can be provided.


The focus of our Nutrimor is to achieve an objective of Nutrient Repleteness. The problem we all face is that as a result of modern commercial farming focused on only yield and food refining, the food chain has now become compromised of micronutrients with drops of up to 76% over the past 100 years.

The premise is that micronutrient repleteness is essential for physiological functionality if you want to incorporate the victims of poverty and suffering to participate in practical solutions that address social and economic issues.

This is very different from most intervention approaches that focus more on macronutrient (stomach-filling) or what is often glibly referred to as food security. Because the food chain has been so compromised and where poverty results in sterile mono diets - traditional food interventions in emergency situations play an important role in keeping people alive but also leave the victims dysfunctional because their daily nutrient requirements are not addressed. Addressing this issue has fallen through the cracks of most interventions and the problem is now called the "hidden hunger". It is the hidden hunger that the Nutrimor approach focuses on and why it is referred to as a food supplement.

Sadly "common approach" which is very much based on a pharmaceutical mindset and business process cannot address the issue of nutrient repleteness. It is more about "window dressing" the problem because invariable the form of nutrients used are refined isolate nutrients that have sometimes an absorption to the body of less than 2% and are very often toxic in high ongoing levels. The form of nutrients is the key issue when trying to address nutrient repleteness. That is why food gardens (food state nutrients) that maximize nutrient content in the growing process are so important. When it comes to fortification - Moringa offers more than 90 food state micronutrients, the process in which Nutrimor is precooked does not damage the nutrients provided by the ingredients incorporated in the formula, hence all ingredients preserve their bioavailability as their nutrient structural integrity is sustained.

Ingredient-Maize, Soya, Moringa, salt, Flavouring, Lecithin, Nucleotides, TBHQ, Stevia extract.

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