Moringa Body Care 

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    Known by ancient cultures for its anti-aging properties, used for the rejuvenation of dull tired and aging skin. Due to its antioxidant properties it helps fight free radicals causing skin tissue damage and appearance of wrinkles. It is rich in hormones called cytokinins which also promote cell growth, delay damage and destruction of skin tissues.
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    This cream is based on anti inflammatory jojoba and vitamin rich avocado oil, blended with specific herbal oils that ensure the nutrients are transported deep withing the skin's layers.
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    Hand-made moringa-leaf extract body wash is rich in skin beneficial oils designed to repair and heal the skin. Naturally and without the use of foaming agents, this product creates a soft foam; powerful in cleansing the body’s skin, leaving it moisturised and enriched in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. (200ml)
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    The cold-pressed oils used to make this cleansing soap for your face were selected to provide pleasant, moisturising lather that will not dry your skin. The product works well for skin that is suffering from irritations and chronic skin disorders, like acne.  Moringa leaf extract provides increased vitamins and anti aging.
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    Stimulates blood circulation and cell regeneration. Moisturises with potent, natural phytohormones, vitamins & minerals. Regenerates the lipid structure; restructuring the cell membranes, boosting collagen production, toning, firming and helps ant-aging by eliminating the effects of age lines. (25ml)
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    This lip balm has a smooth texture and it is rich in nourishing fatty acids contained in the unique high oleic (oleic fatty acid) sunflower oil, bees wax and shea butter are selected with moringa leaf extract which has natural collagen stimulating zeatin with another natural collagen stimulator red clover, for added pampering benefits. (10ml)
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    Naturally regenerating, firming and collagen-stimulating with anti-inflammatory properties. Moringa World Eye Serum is highly nourishing and has anti aging effects. (35ml)
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    Energising, firming and stimulating facial lemon tea tree toner, blended with healing aloe vera, lavender and hand-made green tea extract designed to re-vitalise oily skin. (100ml)
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    Handmade over 30 days. A synergistic blend of invigorating aroma therapeutic essential oils. This product is handmade with moringa leaf extract, designed to improve blood circulation and restore the skin's natural elasticity, while moisturising and pampering with natural essential fatty acids and anti-aging vitamins , minerals and antioxidants.
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    Moringa Fulvic Bentonite Facial Mask heals and regenerates skin tissue, draws out toxins and treats acne. Unclogs and shrinks pores, prevents blackheads, reduces appearance of scars, excellent natural exfoliator and evens out skin tone. (95g)
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    Exfoliating handcrafted Moringa  Soap Bar contains organically certified Bulbine frutescens leaf juice that will cleanse, hydrate and leave your skin feeling soft and healthy. This plant extract is an excellent moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin. The exfoliating effects are due to the Organic Moringa leaves packed with all sorts beneficial of...
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    Enhances lustre, body & shine and stimualates hair growth. Refreshing feel with coconut oil, handmade moringa leaf extract, stinging nettle extract and other medicinal essential oils. Great for tired or dry hair with natural, nutritional and healing essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  (200ml) 
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    Natural conditioner made with moringa leaf extract mixed with singing nettle extract, macadamia nut oil and other medicinal herbal extracts. designed with pampering aroma; therapeutic and uplifting lemon verbena.
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    This is a mild natural soap cleanser loaded with vitamins and nourishing oils. When used, it foams very little and is predominantly designed to replenish moisture. It will ease frizz and is specifically designed as a nourishing vitamin hair treatment with gentle cleansing properties to wash away excess oil. This products works exceptionally well for...

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