Yoni Steaming
Goddess Yoni Steam (Triple Pack)
Goddess Yoni Steam (Triple Pack)
Yoni Steaming
Goddess Yoni Steam (Triple Pack)

Goddess Yoni Steam (Triple Pack)

Yoni steaming is an ancient practice of steaming the vagina to heal different ailments.  It is like a hug from inside and women are using steaming to heal a number of different issues.  Our yoni steaming pack comes with 3 separate doses.

Yoni steaming may support:

Soothing menstrual cramps

Tightening and nourishing vaginal tissue

Healing yeast infections & fibroids

Removing unpleasant odours and discharge

Providing relief from hormonal issues

Harmonizing menstrual irregularities

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To yoni steam bring 1L of water to boiling point in a ceramic or steel bowl.

Add the Goddess Steam to the water.

Keep herbs simmering for 10 minutes with a lid on the bowl.

Allow the contents to cool for 2 minutes.

Steam using one of the following methods:

1.  Place 2 chairs side by side and place the bowl between the chairs and sit on top of the chairs over the bowl.

2.  Cushion the ground with tiles, kneel hovering over the pot and place arms in front to stabilize your body.

3.  Place steaming bowl inside your toilet and sit over toilet seat.

Wrap material around your body and vessel to retain the Goddess Steam until steam is finished.

Do not steam if trying to conceive, are pregnant, in menstrual flow or are using an IUD.

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