The World’s Best Kept Secret

The Moringa plant has been known and used by man in Europe, Africa and Asia for centuries to promote health and well-being. With the advent and development of Western medicine, many traditional medicines, supplements and cures were lost and are only now being ‘rediscovered’.

Moringa has never fallen into disuse, but has largely been ignored by Big Pharma. Throughout India, Asia and South Africa, and even in the Caribbean and South America, Moringa has continued to be used, mostly in its natural form, for health and treatment, But North America and Europe have largely ignored Moringa. Until now.

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The World’s Best Kept Secret

What are the Benefits of Moringa?

Moringa Oleifera has for many years been cultivated on a small scale and used as traditional medicine for a range of ailments throughout Africa, the Indian sub-continent, South-East Asia and South America. These include ailments and disorders such as Anaemia, Asthma, Blood impurities, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Colitis, Conjunctivitis, Diabetes, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Fevers, Glandular swelling, Gout, Hypertension, Inflammation, Joint Pain, Otitis, Jaundice, Malaria, Oedema, Psoriasis, Respiratory problems, Stomach ulcers, Tuberculosis Tumours, Urinary disorders and more.

Modern medicine has discovered (although many doctors won’t admit it) that your own body’s immune system is the most powerful medicine. But with today’s lifestyle, the reduced nutrition in the food we eat, and the pollution and chemicals in our food and water supplies make us more vulnerable to illness. Moringa can be used as a treatment but is better used as a preventative. Just a couple of capsules daily can boost your immune system so that your own body fights off diseases and illnesses.

In the last few years, more benefits of Moringa have been discovered. Moringa is more than a health supplement, it can be used in body care, to reduce the effects of aging and improve the condition of skin, hair, lips, eyes, nails; just about every external part of your body.

Moringa also gives more nutrition to pregnant and lactating mothers, and to their unborn and young babies. Horses, cattle and other livestock, and even family pets also benefit substantially from moringa.


Inflammation is often linked to many serious illnesses like cancer and heart disease. It’s important to reduce inflammation whenever possible. Some research suggests that the isothiocyanates found in moringa can resolve inflammation, helping to protect the body from this dangerous problem. Reducing inflammation has a lot of health benefits, including helping you to feel better and more energetic day-to-day.

Some of the highlights of Moringa

  • Moringa produces 7 times more Vitamin C than Oranges
  • Moringa provides 9 times more protein than yoghurt
  • Moringa provides 25 times more iron than spinach
  • Moringa provides 15 times more potassium than bananas
  • Moringa provides 17 times more calcium than milk
  • Moringa provides 10 times more Vitamin A than carrots
  • Approximately 6 tsp of leaf powder can provide a pregnant woman with her daily iron and calcium requirements

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The World’s Best Kept Secret

The science

Nutritional Value of Moringa

Moringa contains phytonutrients, eight essential amino acids and other powerful disease fighting antioxidants. According to Ayurvedic teachings, moringa comprises around 539 compounds capable of preventing 300 diseases. Moringa contains more than 90 nutrients and 46 different antioxidants which make it a powerhouse of nutrition. Remember that this occurs naturally, as opposed to multi-vitamins and supplements that have chemically produced ingredients.

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Nutrients and MineralsAmino Acids
Vitamin A Arginine
Thiamin (B1) Histidine
Riboflavin (B2) Isoleucine
Niacin (B3) Leucine
Vitamin C Lysine
Calcium Methionine
Copper Phenylalinine
Fibre Threonine
Fibre Tryptophan
Magnesium Valine

Amino Acids

Moringa contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins which are needed to grow, repair and maintain cells. Human body manufactures 10 to 12 amino acids. The remaining 8 amino acids are known as the essential amino acids which should be provided from everyday diet and moringa contains all of them.

ARGININE, also known as L-arginine, is an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It contains an α-amino group, an α-carboxylic acid group, and a side chain consisting of a 3-carbon aliphatic straight chain ending in a guanidino group.

HISTIDINE is an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins. It contains an α-amino group, a carboxylic acid group, and an imidazole side chain, classifying it as a positively charged amino acid at physiological pH.

ISOLEUCINE  Helps in building protein and enzymes and creation of biochemical components within the body.

LEUCINE builds protein and enzymes along with isoleucine to enhance body’s energy and alertness.

LYSINE ensures the absorption of right amount of calcium by the body and aids in collagen formation and production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. Maintains the balance of nutrients that reduce viral growth.

METHEONINE provides sulphur to the body and prevents hair, skin and nail problems. Lowers cholesterol levels by increasing liver’s production of lecithin. Helps in reducing liver fat and bladder irritation.

PHENYLALAINE aids production of chemicals required to transmit signals between nerve cells and brain, thus reducing hunger pains. It also improves memory.

THREONINE forms an important part of collagen, elastin and enamel proteins. Assists metabolism, prevents fat build up in the liver and boosts digestive and intestinal tracts.

TRYTOHYAN supports the immune system and alleviates insomnia. Reduction of anxiety, depression and migraine symptoms. Decreases the risk of artery and heart spasms as it reduces cholesterol levels along with lysine.

VALINE promotes a sharp mind, coordinated muscles and calm mood

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