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Immune Booster Pack

Immune Booster Pack

For those who want the best moringa benefits without the hassel and unique taste of using moringa powder in recipes.

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-          The Moringa world special deal works as preventative measure for future ailments.

-          The Moringa leaf powder capsules will assist with detoxification of the body while providing nutrients that the body needs to remain healthy.

-          The moringa seed powder capsules assists in regulating the endocrine system thus, helping to maintain the hormonal balance which helps prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even issues with fertility and libido.

-          The fulvic acid capsules [U1] with assist in the removal of toxins in the body as well as enhancing the absorption of the nutrients provided by the moringa leaf and seed capsules. This may assist in reducing the effect of healing crisis (when a person get a bit sicker before getting better as a result of free roaming toxins in the blood during the detoxification period).

Method of use

1-      Take 1-2 capsules of each bottle per day before or with meals.

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