Moringa Ginger Kombucha Drink (500ml)
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Moringa Ginger Kombucha Drink (500ml)
Moringa Ginger Kombucha Drink (500ml)

Moringa Ginger Kombucha Drink (500ml)

Kombucha is widely known as a fermented, probiotic-rich health drink that has the character and charm of a regular fizzy drink - ours with all the nutrients and health benefits of digestive soothing and immune system-boosting botanicals like moringa and guarana.

This naturally fermented drink provides a refreshing taste and a steady release of energy - without the aid of caffeine.

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Our kombucha is lovingly made with green and moringa teas and is naturally fermented using timeless methods with a scoby and cane sugar.  We've added ginger to the mix as an enjoyable ginger beer.

This product is a natural energy drink. All the ingredients combined create a synergistic release of natural energy boost without spikes of caffeine or sugar crash. 

The moringa kombucha may assist with:

• Stimulating the metabolism; A person may experience overall higher energy levels as well as improvements in feelings of elation and happiness. A person may experience improvements in weight loss. This may be by improving oxygen supply with the presence of iron from moringa as well as the polyphenols at work found in kombucha.

• Higher energy levels; A person may experience an improvement in overall energy. Additionally, a person may experience improvements in muscle vigour and reflexes and responses. This may occur through moringa and kombucha providing vitamins, amino acids, healthy fats, minerals that help with a natural energy boost.

• Nutrients restoration: A person may experience more calmness due to mood swings; anxiety being regulated. A person may also sense changes in sleep with sleep cycles evening out. This may happen via means of moringa supplying vitamins, amino acids, healthy fats, minerals that are needed in the body. Furthermore, the kombucha has elements that conjugate allowing improved nutrient transport.

• Antibiotic defence; A person may feel less in pain, itchiness and tenderness in affected areas. This may be probable through micro properties in moringa working to fight certain microbial infections. Furthermore, certain carbonic acids in kombucha also have anti-microbial properties which add effect as well.

• Improved joint pain. A person may experience soothing in painful joints, increased mobility in affected joints and reduction in joint swelling. A person may even see a reduction in joint redness. This may be the
glycosaminoglycans in kombucha being a key constituent of hyaluronic acid which promotes new cell growth. Furthermore, moringa has anti-inflammatory properties which obstruct specific enzyme activity.

• Improved liver health. A person may experience reductions in light-headedness and nausea. Additionally, a person can see reductions in abdomen pain as well as chest pains. An increase in vigour and energy can also occur in individuals. This may be due to polyphenols and glucuronic acids working to detoxify bilirubin which a potent liver toxin found in the body. Furthermore, glucuronic acids and phenols conjugate to improve in the
transport of minerals

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