Moringa World only uses PURE moringa.

I emphasise the word PURE because most producers supply what they claim to be Moringa Leaf Powder but in actual fact is mixed with sticks and stalks (as cheap fillers) which seriously dilutes the nutrient value per gram.

I am very well aware of what is happening in the world of Moringa production and many mono culture farms are being established in SA. I can foresee that these farmers will run into major problems with regard to quality, ever rising input costs and ability to supply consistently.

We on the other hand grow and harvest the Moringa in pristine highly fertile self sustaining food forests in a climatically very stable environment far away from industry and pollution . Not only does this uplift the rural communities to levels previously unimaginable but also totally avoids all the problems relating to mono culture farms (high input costs, pests, diseases, pesticides, etc).

This results in a pure naturally grown (no chemicals whatsoever) Moringa Leaf Powder that has the highest levels of nutrients available on the market which can be sustainably and consistently produced in large and exponentially increasing quantities at a very stable price. Mono culture farms will experience ever increasing input costs (labour, fertilisers, pesticides, etc) and can literally be wiped out instantly by pests and climatic catastrophes (floods, drought, etc) whereas our outgrowers are spread over thousands of square kilometres and are essentially custodians of self sustainable diverse (no mono culture) food forests. We have worked hard in developing not only market but our supply capacity and we know that it is very important for any food company that we engage with to be confident that they are not only getting the highest quality product but also that the supply is stable and ever increasing. Our Food forestry concept ensures this.

We are highly knowledgeable about all things nutrition and we understand that most people regardless of income levels are in fact mal-nourished. The introduction of high quality and easily accessible nutrients will have a massive impact on society. Think for a moment about the power of that statement. Where do most people get their essential nutrients (proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, anti oxidants, etc) from? Certainly not from cooked food or fast food or highly processed food because all the vitamins and enzymes are destroyed. And even if they are fortunate enough to be aware of the importance of ingesting raw unprocessed food that same 'food' has around 15% of the nutritional value it had 20 years ago due to 'modern' farming practises.

This is where Moringa will literally change the way people feel and behave. Quality nutrients will give their bodies what they need in order to function optimally but most importantly their brains. Most people do not realise how their cognitive processes and mental well-being (decisions, actions, perception of the world around them, interactions with others, etc) are directly related to their levels of essential nutrient intake. Since most people do not have access at present to adequate quantities of essential nutrients (if at all) can you imagine what will happen if all of a sudden they do?

The 'quality' of a 'decision' is directly related to ones ability to process the information coming in through ones sensory inputs. So on a scale of tens of millions of people that will be trillions upon trillions of 'better' decisions. This will impact every area of the individuals life. They will be far more able to cope with the circumstances of their lives by being able to make better decisions thus empowering them to improve the quality of their lives. They will interact more effectively with each other on a personal and work level. They will be more productive and motivated, more energetic, and be far less susceptible to illness (reduced absenteeism). This all translates in an enhanced sense of well being and self empowerment and that on a scale of tens of millions will have massive effect on society on every level.

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