Have You Had Your Moringa Today

Have You Had Your Moringa Today?

The missing of 1 nutrient in the body affects over 200 processes in the body: What this means is that any shortages of any nutrient will start to create performance and health problems. The body needs all these tools to do what it was designed to do. The process is complex because many of the nutrients work together so for example - a shortage of zinc will result in over 200 processes in the body that work in combination with zinc will start to go wrong.

Some of the nutrients are stored in pantries in the body from which it pulls its daily needs and which act as a buffer for days when it does not get these nutrients or as a storage to place them when it gets too much. There are some nutrients that have no storage capacity and so if the body does not receive these daily (there is no buffer) problems in nutritional process could be immediate if these nutrients are not delivered.

For the body to absorb nutrients, they need to be in a form that the body will recognize and can be absorbed at cellular level. If the nutrients are not in the correct form, the body will use organs like the liver to filter out these "things" which it will see as toxic items it does not want. Iron must be in the correct form to be a useful form of iron that the body can use. If the form of the nutrient is in the wrong form - then it will be seen by the body as a toxin and will use processes it has to rid the body of these unwanted toxins. Too much of the wrong thing will eventually end up as a poison if the body cannot get rid of it. for nutrients to be absorbed to the body so that they can be utilized in nutrition processes, they must be in what we refer to as a 'food state" to be effectively absorbed. Such nutrient forms can found in food that have been correctly grown and processed

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