Synthetic Vitamins and Nutrients

The Problem With Normal Synthetic Vitamins and Minerals and Standard RDA Amounts. You may not only be wasting your money but damaging your health at the same time.

Mineral toxicity: Inorganic iron, electrolytic iron or any iron in a salt or ionic form. The bioavailability or absorption to the body would be less than 2% of what is added per 100 grams of a fortified, phytate rich food such as maize. If inorganic zinc is added at levels equal to the iron, about 60% of the iron will be blocked to absorption sites in the gut. Add inorganic calcium and a number of other mineral salts as shown in the mineral wheel, will be blocked as well. Eating 100 grams of a food supplement fortified with 14 mg of inorganic iron would only deliver 0.09% of the body’s daily iron needs. Because of taste profile constraints, it is not possible to fortify at such high levels if inorganic iron and so lower dosages used result in lower absorption. Based on these absorption rates - the amount of inorganic iron required achieve a 1mg biological absorption to the body would therefore be as high as 100mg. The 98% of iron not absorbed in a biological form represents a toxic threat to the body and a source of a nutrient that will promote pathogen, bacteria and virus growth. Nutrients that are refined to pharmaceutical purity (isolates) have little or no ability to be absorbed biologically (bio efficacy) into the cell structure. What does get absorbed or filtered out can become toxic.

Expert’s opinion: A recent quote by Professor T Colin Cambell from the China Study 2005 (The largest and longest nutrition study ever done) and I quote: “Isolating nutrients and trying to get benefits equal to those of whole foods reveals an ignorance of how nutrition works in the body. As time passes, I am confident that we will continue to discover that relying on the use of isolated nutrient supplements to maintain health, while consuming the usual Western diet, is not only a waste of money but also potentially dangerous.

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